Blockchain rewards and loyalty platform for a $20B+ market

Merchants get a premium AI-powered rewards platform for free.

Shoppers are rewarded for purchases with cryptocurrency.

Based on our profitable loyalty SaaS founded 2012

token pre-sale is live

24% limited bonus

30% bonus on purchases over 5 ETH

bonus will end in


Tokensale stages

We are in the media

Team leadership

  • Alexander Egorov
    Alexander Egorov Linkedin

    15 years in banking, finance and debt issuance, VP for National Reserve Bank (Moscow), serial entrepreneur and investor for 6 years, Alex has an outstanding talent to organize complex processes and manage teams of sharp and bright people, who share his ideas and implement them in useful and beautiful IT products.

  • Alexander Nevidimov
    Alexander Nevidimov Linkedin
    CTO, Blockchain Architecture

    Olympic Programming (5 years), winner of the ACM-ICPC/IOI championships, lead developer for one of the biggest Bitcoin mining pools, Alex has been the CTO of GIFTD for four years, and has more than 12-years experience in backend development (3 years full stack), leading diverse development teams for more than six years.

  • Greg Mann
    Greg Mann Linkedin
    Head of Sales

    Highly experienced sales and negotiations professional with extensive experience in tech sphere and focus on growth. Former head of global sales for Startup Grind (Palo Alto), a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

  • Vitaliy Makarenko
    Vitaliy Makarenko Linkedin

    Vitaliy has vast experience in corporate processes management and sales, which he gained working on strategic industrial projects with Fortune500 companies. He honed his skills in market analysis and strategy, personnel management, customer development and customer success, which allowed him to accomplish several prominent projects in highly competitive IT solutions market for a total amount of more than $90 million.

  • Marat Arslanov
    Marat Arslanov Linkedin

    Marat is extremely passionate about data-driven marketing and behavioural analytics. These interests perfectly suit the goals of the rewards and loyalty SaaS tools, Marat leads the digital marketing for GIFTD. He is an organic match for the engineer’s team, setting the concrete goals and aspiring to achieve measurable results.

  • Sergey Alisov
    Sergey Alisov Linkedin
    Head of Design

    An amazingly productive designer with over ten years in mobile and web UX and UI, he leads the design and features invention and implementation of apps that are used by more than 10 million users for the major players in airlines, communication, fashion and sports. Sergey headed the design and art for GIFTD and participated in the creation of numerous e-commerce solutions from scratch.

  • Andrey Kladov
    Andrey Kladov Linkedin
    Mobile Architecture

    The mobile mastermind behind dozens of B2B and B2C apps, Andrey boasts excellent mobile development skills using Cocoa, Cocoa-Touch, Objective-C, Swift-Language, Java and Android. Andrey presented Ultimate Guitar mobile app after they were selected among a small group of 24 projects to participate in Apple’s Earth Day’16 in Cupertino, California.

  • Svyatoslav Zytsar
    Svyatoslav Zytsar Linkedin
    Frontend Lead Engineer

    Slava is the key frontend person in GIFTD. More than 10 years experience in frontend development. Expert level in Javascript, HTML, CSS and website optimization.

Big Data and AI Team

  • Ramil Zayneev
    Ramil Zayneev Linkedin
    Big Data, AI engineer

    An experienced team leader with more than 10 years of high-load mobile and web projects development, including application of neural-networks and machine learning.

  • Sergey Edinin
    Sergey Edinin Linkedin
    AI engineer, full stack developer

    14 years experience in web and mobile development, chatbots.
    Coding experience — PHP, Python, Node JS. Core Wizl

  • Nail Gazizyanov
    Nail Gazizyanov Linkedin
    AI, machine learning engineer

    More than 5 years in backend development, 2 years machine learning.
    Core coding experience — Java, NodeJS, Python, PHP.
    Worked for the projects of Philips, Mitsubishi, Tricolor among the diverse team.

Other team members

  • Alexey Gritsyna
    Alexey Gritsyna Linkedin
    USA BD, e-commerce

    Alexey is an entrepreneur and investor that operates out of the United States. With a degree in Economics and extensive experience in the US medium size business sales, production, and marketing, he not only brings deep knowledge of the US e-commerce niche, but also great passion and enthusiasm for the cutting edge technologies in that space and beyond.

  • Nick Avramov
    Nick Avramov Linkedin
    Head of PR

    Nick had an experience in business development in the Cyprus-based Appness — a revolutionary marketplace for Facebook mobile user acquisition. Also, he participated in the success of the Pre-ICO of Papyrus — a decentralized ecosystem for programmatic advertising. At BitRewards Nick is responsible for Marketing and PR interactions.

  • Rumen Slavchov
    Rumen Slavchov Linkedin
    PR, IR, Marketing and Stucturing

    Rumen is a crypto enthusiast currently acting as an advisor, consultant, and sales manager at a marketing company that helps crypto projects and start-ups to incorporate blockchain.
    Rumen’s capabilities range from trading to marketing advice. He works with start-ups that want to do a crowdsale or simply create a tokenized system. Successful ICO projects that Rumen has participated in: BetterBetting, PlusCoin, and Rpay.

  • Iaroslav Marakhonov
    Iaroslav Marakhonov Linkedin
    Head of Communications

    M.S. in Business Management from GSOM — top Russian Business School, B.A. in Asian Studies, multiple internships in Tokyo.
    Joined the Cryptocommunity in 2015 — worked as a Partnership Manager in Cointelegraph. Later, after graduation from GSOM in summer 2017 joined Cindicator and followed its progress as a community manager from before its token sale and until company’s transition to thriving enterprise.
    Speaks Russian, English, German and Japanese.

  • Maxim Litkevich
    Maxim Litkevich Linkedin
    Technical support engineer

    Maxim has many years of experience as a technician. He has a thorough knowledge of bug tracking systems processes and our partners' CMS: from Magento to individual system.
    Knowledge of the product and deep understanding of partners' uniques features makes him a tremendous technical specialist.

  • Roman Mukhutdinov
    Roman Mukhutdinov Linkedin
    Frontend engineer

    More than 10 years experience in  frontend development.

  • Dmitry Semenov
    Dmitry Semenov Linkedin
    QA engineer

    M.A. in Software Development, experienced dev team leader. Developed applications for the web and mobile platforms. He worked on numerous high-loaded projects as senior QA Analyst. Has a total work experience in QA for more than 6 years.

  • Ilya Starovoitov
    Ilya Starovoitov Linkedin
    Business Development

    Ilya is a charismatic Sales team leader with broad international experience in both software and hardware niches who develop relationships with partners and key accounts (Leroy Merlin, Kenwood, GoPro, Ikea, Hoff and more than 300 SMB clients). He acquired acute understanding how to shape value proposition and make money for customers during over 12 years in sales.

  • Alexander Bulekov
    Alexander Bulekov Linkedin
    Business developer

    Exceptional leader with honed skills in product management. He understands the needs of the client from a half-word and knows where to move the product and the company as a whole. Managed to work and make a number of mass projects at Google, Nielsen, HEINEKEN.

  • Vladislav Sheludchenkov
    Vladislav Sheludchenkov Linkedin
    Community manager

    The most powerful side of Vladislav’s personality is the empathy for other people’s choices. It enables him to understand people well and lets him provide them the best of his advice. His experience at work and in educational groups brought him up to speed and now Vladislav is thrilled with opportunity to challenge himself with all new tasks.

  • Alina Terehova
    Alina Terehova Linkedin
    Community manager

    She takes part in developing of several successful projects in Computer Science and Bioinformatics. That’s why she accurately (exactly/precisely) feels this technical process of the blockchain products.
    Her work is inspired by honesty and freedom, that makes her the person, everyone could trust for. And that is the key to the project

  • Daniil Bryukhin
    Daniil Bryukhin Linkedin
    Sales manager

    M.A. in Sociology (experienced researcher in domains of marketing, promotion, consumer perception and behavior), internships in Berlin and Aberystwyth (UK). 3+ experience in Sales and Marketing, fluent in 3 European languages, excellent negotiator.


  • Reuben Godfrey
    Reuben Godfrey Linkedin
    Advisor, PR, global scaling

    Reuben is currently running the Blockchain Association of Ireland as founding director with an ambassador role on the GDPR Awareness Coalition and on the NSAI National Mirror Committee to ISO TC 307. Has a background in sales, business development, finance and operations roles for major multinationals and start-ups in the tech, telecoms and pharma industries globally. Has done some journalism and now hosts regular blockchain meet-ups, speaks regularly at industry events and contributes pieces and comment to mainstream and tech media.
    Is a member of ICO's: MARK.SPACE, Play2Live, Bitindia, CoinMetro, Embleema, LAToken, Playkey, EtherSportz, OnPlace, SONM, Confideal, Lydian, Digital Developers Fund

  • Jason Hung
    Jason Hung Linkedin
    Advisor, technology, Greater China scaling

    Jason is an entrepreneur and inventor in mobile technology, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. He is the co-founder or advisor of Treascovery, Chidopi, TimeBox, Giza, Micro BTC, EZPOS and Suchapp. He has more than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 technology related patents which using at more than 2000 Apps. He was also formal PeopleSoft and JDE solution head in Greater China. He is also a blockchain expert of ICOBench and International Blockchain Consulting Announcement Group.
    Is a member of ICO's: Datarius, Iconic Ecosystem, Darico, Blocklancer, Kepler Technologies, AIDA, JOLYY, Giza Device, BeeSocials, SuchApp, EZPOS, Water to the World

  • Nathan Christian
    Nathan Christian Linkedin
    Blockchain Technology Advisor

    Nathan is a Founder and the leader of the consulting company ( that builds applications on Ethereum blockchain, develops Smart Contracts and launches ERC20 tokens. He is a brilliant expert in end to end cryptocurrency development and launch. Nathan is also an exceptional strategist, business developer, speaker, angel & venture capital investor with over 35 startups in the portfolio.
    Is a member of ICO's: Gilgamesh Platform, TraDove, Bulleon, Friendz, Omnitude, VeriME, HydroCoin, Gamblica, OnPlace, Tigereum

  • Artem Chestnov
    Artem Chestnov Linkedin
    Advisor, Board member, BitRewards

    Artem Chestnov has launched the most successful asset tokenization platform Latoken as managing director and head of operational team and acts as board member at Reborn (life extension technologies). Artem has wide experience in marketing and business development with global leading corporations (Inbev, Loreal) and MBA degree from INSEAD. His specialty is launching new products to market, in his career he launched over 50 products, projects, 4 start ups and executed 2 successful exits.

  • Sergei Repko
    Sergei Repko Linkedin
    ICO strategy, marketing, IR

    Marketing Manager ICOBox. ICO marketing professional, 5 years experience in international companies, 3+ years in Digital Marketing. Participated in 11 ICOs which raised in total more than $120 million (Cybertrust, Genie, Ponder, GMT, Shping, Darenta, Bubbletone, Silica Nexus).

  • John McNaughton
    John McNaughton Linkedin
    Payments processing and finance advisor

    A well known global international banker with more than 25 years of experience in international finance and payment systems. C-level executive for a number of financial institutions in Great Britain, USA and EU. Participating in foundation of one of the most dynamically developing banks in Europe — Expobank, CZ (Prague), and being one of its top executives, John acts as a board member for several other financial institutions.

  • Sergey Fradkov
    Sergey Fradkov Linkedin
    International scaling and business development

    Serial entrepreneur, manager of technological projects and companies. Has more that 25 years of experience in technology, built several successful businesses in the field of mobile applications, IT services and enterprise software. Founded and managed a startup accelerator that was ranked as #3 in Europe, served as technology visionary and advisor to the portfolio companies. Advisor to several startups in cryptocurrency space, including ICOs, tokenomics and utility tokens.
    Is a member of ICO: Elementh

  • Roman Yankovskiy
    Roman Yankovskiy Linkedin
    Legal Advisor

    Roman has been at the forefront of solving complex legal problems for fintech industry since 2015. He has extensive experience in advising and consulting on P2P lending, scoring, blockchain and crowdfunding. He is a partner of «Zartsyn, Yankovskiy and Partners», prolific author, speaker and lecturer on legal aspects of the hi-tech and venture business.

  • Ivan Anichkov
    Ivan Anichkov Linkedin
    Enterprise solutions, Data Expert

    Ivan has gained 20 years of enterprise IT and business development serving the frontline with prominent knowledge leaders as Nice systems, IBM, EMC and HP. Ivan led numerous value driven projects for top tier corporations integrating sophisticated big data solutions.

  • Renat Razumov
    Renat Razumov Linkedin
    Advisor blockchain, vision

    Renat is a serial entrepreneur and CEO and the founder of Room Mining — Decentralized Cryptocurrency Mining Operations, UltraFlow that offers athletic sponsorship via smart contracts,, a Decentralized Internet Service Provider based on the Internet of Things. He is passionate about Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics & Networking.

  • Anton Pushkov
    Anton Pushkov Linkedin
    Legal Advisor

    At the moment Anton is member of the Advisory board in Russian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (RAKIB) and CEO in Skolkovo Foundation, the most innovative centre of Russia. Furthemore he is co-founder of technological and law companies, professional lecturer, has more than 15 years of experience in legacy, intellectual property and cryptocurrencies.

  • Alex Linenko
    Alex Linenko Linkedin
    Tokenomics, business and financial model, strategy

    Alex is a serial entrepreneur and blockchain expert, currently takes position of Lead Business Development manager at ICOBox company. He is the co-founder and co-creator of such companies as Seopult, Uptopromo, SatangDee, ICOyard. Worked on the tokenization and strategic management of 10+ successful ICOs (Pluscoin, Crypterium, Medichain,, Nwpsolution, ICOS, Mulaah and others)

Advisors participated in ICOs

  • CoinMetro
  • Embleema
  • PlayKey
  • OnPlace
  • Bitindia
  • Play2Live
  • DDF
  • EtherSportz
  • Latoken
  • Sonm
  • EZ
  • Blocklancer
  • AIDA
  • Giza
  • Water to the World
  • BeeSocials
  • Confideal

Events. Meet us in person!

    Tokyo | MAR. 22

    BitRewards will be one of the 10 projects who can finally do the pitch in front of TEAMZ BUSINESS SUMMIT investors, media, and audience on March 22nd. It is a great opportunity to present all capabilities of our product to Japanese market players.

  • Puerto Rico d10e
    Puerto Rico | MAR. 14

    BitRewards team will again participate in the event from d10e — The Leading Conference on Decentralisation. This time event is held in sunny Puerto Rico and will bring together experts from more than 20 countries. Please reach out, if you are in San Juan on these dates.

  • Taipei private crypto-event
    Taipei | MAR. 5

    BitRewards is included in the event shortlist for high-ranking ICO projects organized by Blockcamp, who are well-known for the organization of high-ranking ICO projects. The distinct feature of the event is that it is concentrated on quality of attendees, rather than on quantity.

  • Seoul d10e
    Seoul | MAR. 3-6

    BitRewards team will participate in d10e — The Leading Conference on Decentralization. This year, d10e has lined up a number of experienced professionals: Nick Cowan, Managing Director at Gibraltar Stock Exchange, Galia Benartzi — COO Bancor and many others.

  • Blockchain February Seoul
    Seoul | FEB. 26

    BitRewards are happy to be among only 100 invited participants to attend Blockchain February — a monthly conference that gives a glimpse into the future of blockchain technology. The event is supported by TokenPost — the number one crypto-media in South Korea.

  • Worldwide High-rated 5 Blockchain Projects Pitch
    Tokyo | FEB. 4-7

    BitRewards is proud to participate Overseas blockchain projects pitch in Tokyo. A special event for projects of high quality that has won more than 4 out of 5 at the external third party evaluation site. After the introduction of the project, we plan a networking time to communicate with peers from selected projects.

  • Shanghai 2018
    Shanghai | JAN. 31 - FEB. 2

    BitRewards is attending a private event in Shanghai. We will be pitching our project to the world-known crypto professionals with vast experience to receive a feedback, recommendation and raise awareness about our product, goals, and vision. As long as the event is private we cannot disclose the names.

  • Blockchain Summit 2018 Seoul
    Seoul | JAN. 30 - FEB. 3

    We take part in Asia Blockchain Tour organized by Token Post — the № 1 crypto media in South Korea. The event is scheduled for 300 crypto experts participants and will take place at Annise Hall, 12th Floor, Seoul SC Convention Center. Also, we scheduled a meeting with Bithump — the most popular crypto exchange.

  • ICO 2018 Amsterdam
    AMSTERDAM | JAN. 29-30

    Organized alongside the Dutch Day for Crypto and in partnership with the most prolific media personalities when it comes to Blockchain in the Netherlands as well local government organizations, this event is a must go if you want to get across your ideas and learn more about the distributed technologies. Catch up with us on our stand and give your feedback when we hit the stage.

  • Blockchain week 2018 London
    LONDON | JAN. 25-26

    We are fascinated about being a part of the London Blockchain week: hackathons, exhibition, workshops, best blockchain companies from around the globe as well as amazing parties and networking. Please reach out, if you are in London on these dates.

  • ICO 2018 San Francisco
    SAN FRANCISCO | JAN. 22-23

    BitRewards first stop of  2018 is San Francisco, where we will proudly exhibit our technology in North America, in a group of successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with portfolio companies such as Slack, Grid Singularity, and Filecoin.

What will the future of loyalty in retail look like?

How BIT works

Our mission is to create the rewards and loyalty platform that will permeate the online retailers of all shapes and sized and connect them with their customers by  virtue of BIT tokens.

  1. Merchants get BIT software for FREE

    Based on the innovative and profitable product with 5 year market history. Revenue grows by 17% avg. #

  2. Shoppers get rewards in BIT tokens

    For their purchases, friends' invites, Facebook likes and a lot more. BIT can be redeemed or cashed out.

  3. Merchants buy BIT, people hold BIT

    Shoppers get liquid token, merchants get more sales. Community benefits from the ecosystem growth.


With the emergence of the blockchain, the broken loyalty industry is bound to change. We are big believers that smart contracts and cryptocurrency are the core engine and fuel for the new era of customer’s loyalty. Ethereum allows implementing an elegant technical solution.


Why blockchain

Distributed ledgers and blockchain protocols bring unprecedented value to the loyalty program of the future:

For users

For users:

  • Rewards in cryptocurrency, which don’t depend on the success of the merchant
  • Rewards, which appreciate rather than expire
  • Easily redeemable or exchangeable into any other liquid asset
  • Highly personalised, custom-tailored recommendations, rewards & discounts (see BitRecommendations)

For merchants:

  • Premium software free of charge, which increases the loyalty of users and sales
  • Tokenization of standalone loyalty programs and merchant-specific tokens generation platform
  • Use of API to frictionlessly connect any proprietary loyalty programs to BitRewards tokens or any other loyalty and rewards program
  • Free BitRecommendations API working on blockchain, managed by DAO on IPFS
For merchants
For business development and security

For business development and security:

  • DAO which ensures the efficiency of BitRewards network development
  • Merchant data control, ensuring merchants own and benefit from their raw data
  • Rewards for developers, who create successful solutions and merchants and customers, who incentivize the adoption of BitRewards network

Value for merchants

value for merchants

Merchants get cutting-edge rewards and loyalty solutions for free (we now sell them for $200-$2000 per month).

It’s a great new way to reward current and attract new customers.

They receive cutting-edge crypto-rewards system for free.

It gives them more sales (+17% avg).

game-changing solution for merchants

AI-based BitRecommendations

Decentralized crowdsourced recommendations solution for ecommerce businesses.

  • Product recommendations
  • Reward recommendations
  • Financial scoring
  • FREE for BitRewards-connected merchants
AI-powered recommendations
Factors for massive scaling

Factors for massive scaling

We solve several problems that let us disrupt the $20B+ e-commerce loyalty and rewards market. The major factors: high cost and complexity of loyalty systems set-up, integration, and support for all shapes and sizes of the merchants, complexity, and inability to use the earned points for the customers.

Factors influencing the value of BIT tokens

Supply and demand define the BIT value. The demand comes from the merchants that use BIT to reward their customers' actions. The supply comes from the customers, who redeem their tokens.

  1. Customers make purchases

    With any merchants who is a member of Bitrewards.Network

  2. Merchants reward customers with BIT

    (instead of loyalty points).
    The merchants buy BIT tokens at Bitrewards or at the Crypto Exchange.
    This drives the demand for BIT tokens up.

  3. Customers hold BIT or spend tokens at the stores

    They don’t spend BIT tokens immediately as they expect the exchange rate to grow. This drives the supply of BIT down.

Working product

BitRewards originated from our currently working business, which we’ve been running for five years.
It’s a rewards and loyalty SaaS for small and medium-sized online stores, which provides a huge and rapidly growing market.

Key numbers:

  • Year of foundation
  • Merchants are using
    GIFTD solutions
  • Full-time
  • Avg. merchant's revenue
    increase per month

Early adopters

  • Ankit Talwar
  • Paul Ryazanov
  • Anton Soloviev
  • Roman Gryanko
  • Sergey Sidorov
  • Victor Sadygov
  • Ankit Talwar
    Ankit Talwar
    Founder and CEO,
    I wish I received several bitcoins as a cash back for my shopping back in 2012! BitRewards is an amazing concept -it’s an innovation sorely needed in online retail today and we want our customers to be part of it. I’m sure they will appreciate recieving crypto money from my store.
  • Paul Ryazanov
    Paul Ryazanov
    Founder and CEO, (Development and services for Magento online stores)
    Blockchain will find its place in e-commerce space, without a doubt. As developers, we welcome every tool, which will be efficient for our clients. Opening the rewards tools on blockchain for free and providing it to developers to make money out of it is great. We’d love to check BitRewards out!
  • Anton Soloviev
    Anton Soloviev
    Head of partners, InSales (A leading online stores’ builder)
    Wow to BitRewards, chaps! We’ve recommended GIFTD tools to the retailers that open their online stores with our platform for a couple of years now. We are one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Europe, with thousands of clients, and I’m on a constant lookout for new cool tech that we or our clients can work with. BitRewards currency concept is pretty amazing, and I’ve told the guys for a long time that online stores want to be given the real McCoy cash for their friends’ purchases. We’ve got hundreds of clients who asked about the feature, and BitRewards currency solves this beautifully, and gives tons of extra features, with no pain in the neck about taxes and legal stuff. Well done! Looking forward to the future!
  • Roman Gryanko
    Roman Gryanko
    Chairman, Assist (One of the largest Ecommerce payment systems in the Eastern Europe)
    The BitRewards team has already delivered amazing technology behind their rewards and digital gift cards for ecommerce businesses. We are following the team for several years now and a lot of times recommend their solutions to our clients. We have talked a lot with Alex (Egorov, CEO) about how the payments technologies in online stores can be improved with the application of blockchain, and plan to use BitRewards platform when it goes live. The solution is amazingly simple and efficient, and we are looking forward to implementing it into our payment system. BitRewards will allow us to expand our user base, and add method of payment with cryptocurrencies, which is a must in the current environment and raises more and more interest among our clients.
  • Sergey Sidorov
    Sergey Sidorov
    CEO and Founder,
    We are a provider of music promo services. We work with both new bands and established musicians, promoting them and connecting with the top labels and world’s leading publishers. The key component of our business is the personal approach to each and every client. Our business success depends on the loyalty of our customers. We’ve been using GIFTD referral tools for several months now and it’s great that they are moving into blockchain — which we are most willing to try to apply in our work. The guys make their products very user friendly and it would be most exciting if we could also use blockchain as easily as the rest of GIFTD products.
  • Victor Sadygov
    Nika Estate
    Victor Sadygov
    Managing Partner, Nika Estate (Elite real estate boutique)
    We are offering the absolute best we can to our clients who have gotten used to impeccable services. I believe it is a great idea to give something back to the customers — it pays off in the end anyway! We also want to be on the cutting edge of tech and giving crypto currency as a reward for purchases or, even more so, referrals will be definitely appreciated by our customers. We also see tremendous marketing opportunities in that space — we need to harness the blockchain hype and legitimately brag about it! I’m excited about using BitRewards — I truly believe it is a great technology!
  • TUI
  • Meleon
  • Premier Dead Sea
  • Ivideon
  • Moyo Moda
  • Tury Design
  • Teak House
  • Wild orchid
  • Weekends.Travel
  • Lostroom

Project roadmap

    • Development of points based loyalty system GIFTD designed to reward shoppers.
      November, 2016 — February, 2017
    • Structuring the concept of using Ethereum blockchain with loyalty and rewards tools and customer development of the crypto-rewards for e-commerce industry, team hiring
      February — October, 2017
    • The full-functioning rewards and loyalty platform with web app with the retailers’ and the users’ cryptowallet tied to the loyalty program of BitRewards, USA market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaign.
      October, 2017 — May, 2018
      Current stage
    • Retailer Crypto-wallet and liquidity management smart contract
      March — June, 2018
    • Integration of loyalty system with Lightning Network and Raiden Network (after the launch of these technologies)
      June — July, 2018
    • Customer’s Mobile app with crypto-wallet
      June — August, 2018
    • The Alpha-version of the AI-based rewards recommendation and items recommendation,
      Asian market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaign.
      July — November, 2018
    • Mobile SDK for merchants’ apps
      September — December, 2018
    • Integration of AI and machine learning into the BitRewards platform
      January — April, 2019
    • Blockchain-based traffic exchange between online and offline merchants
      April — May, 2019


Our presentations, interviews and updates.
  • What obstacles has BitRewards faced so far - learn from our CEO Alexander Egorov
    What obstacles has BitRewards faced so far — learn from our CEO Alexander Egorov
  •  It is not a beta or MVP - it is a fully functioning product - CTO Alex Nevidimov will tell you why
    It is not a beta or MVP — it is a fully functioning product — CTO Alex Nevidimov will tell you why
  • How BitRewards connected to GIFTD - profitable software company - watch our presentation in London
    How BitRewards connected to GIFTD — profitable software company — watch our presentation in London
  • CEO BitRewards is testing a remarkable product of Blockchain Revolution Partners in Seoul
    CEO BitRewards is testing a remarkable product of Blockchain Revolution Partners in Seoul

Blog and Press

Participate in the Token Generation Event

Token Issue Volume Up to 2 billion
Token Sale Volume Up to 1.28 billion
Pre-Sale start date December 25th, 2017
Sale closes April 30th, 2018
Exchanger Smart Contract Launch May 11th, 2018
Token Issue Date May 10th, 2018
Soft cap $3 000 000
Hard cap $15 000 000
Unsold tokens All unsold tokens will be burnt
Use of funds Product development & global scaling
Minimum amount of BIT tokens purchase 1000
Token price  
1 BIT 0.00003472 ETH
1 ETH 28 800 BIT

Soft-cap budget allocation

  • 27% Product Development

    Product development according to the roadmap

  • 39% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

    Expenses for attracting the retailers to the platform, making partnerships with payment providers, website builders, loyalty programs services providers and other partners.

  • 12% Operations

    Operational costs, non-tech staff salaries

  • 6% Legal

    Company and subsidiaries establishment, contracts with the retailers, development of legal opinions about the entire stack of BitRewards services and retailers’ operations, etc.

  • 16% Management

    C-level executives salaries

Smart contract

Smart contract might be updated or changed to enhance platform efficiency.


  • What are BIT tokens and what are they used for?

    BIT tokens are the tokens used for our project, BitRewards. After the launch, shoppers will be able to earn them by making purchases and conducting other actions, configured by the merchants in BitRewards Network. BIT will also work as a payment medium, and will give BIT holders a possibility to redeem it with every participating merchant. The holders of BIT tokens can also receive bonuses on their purchases at certain stores.

  • When will the token offering take place?

    The closed pre-sale started on 25 December, 2017 and lasted till 11 January, 2018.
    The pre-sale started on 12 January, 2018 and will last till 31 March, 2018.
    The public token sale will start on April 01, 2018 and after a few stages, will end April 30, 2018 at 23:59 UTC, or until all tokens are sold.

  • What is the allocation of BIT tokens?

    64% of tokens will be sold during the pre-sale and crowd sale stages, 14% will go to the Management and core team, 3,5% is allocated for Advisors, 2% for the Bounty campaign, 12% for the liquidity reserve, 2,5% for the marketing and 2% for contingency.

  • How to participate in the Pre-Sale/Crowd-sale?

    To take part in the token offering, you should simply send ETH or BTC to your personal ETH or BTC address. Click «Buy Tokens» button to get a personal ETH and BTC addresses.

  • Can I send my contribution from an exchange such as Coinbase or Poloniex?

    Yes, you can. As far as we accept only ETH or BTC, you may need to buy them for any fiat currencies at crypto-exchanges. While processing the exchange or transfer operation, please, specify the receiving/destination ETH or BTC wallet address provided in your personal online cabinet. Once the transaction is completed, corresponding amount of tokens will be allocated to your personal account. Notice that exchanges and payment/transfer services may apply some additional fees — please, estimate the amount for your transfer accordingly.

  • What happens if BIT hard cap is reached before the token sale end date?

    If the hard cap is reached before the end of token sale, ICO will automatically stop, and we will end receiving contribution payments.

  • Can I get BIT tokens for free?

    Join our Telegram group at Any bounty programs are announced there.

  • Will businesses be able to issue tokens which users may only spend at their shops? If so, what is the incentive for businesses to adopt your system?

    We don’t plan to impose the limitations on the merchants — they can both issue points or BIT tokens to reward their users on our system. E.g. they can choose to reward for shares and likes with points, and for the purchases of the referred friends with the crypto. We aim to give the suite of tools that solve the merchants' problems better, rather than tie them up to our platform. It will result in broader adoption in the long run.

    The merchants want to have a tool that enables them rewarding not only with points, but with something the users deem more valuable — cash, or cryptocurrency (which in certain aspects is better than cash).

    The adoption from the stores presently will, besides the other factors, be driven by the fact that rewarding in crypto helps to stand out among the competition, and in the future, it will become the industry standard and will be demanded by the users.

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